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Privacy Information

The ARELLO Timeshare Registry collects certain personal information from all user accounts, including but not limited to your name, email address, mailing address, phone number and fax number, IP (internet) address, and login/logout times.

ATR records are legal documents whose integrity must be maintained. Actions taken on legal documents and records must be tracked.

Therefore, if you take any actions within the ATR, such as creating a project, component site, registration or filing, making a post to a discussion group, uploading any type of document or form, or changing the status of a registration or filing, your user account will be tied to that action, and your information will be provided to other ATR users who request information about that action.

Once user accounts are tied to actions in the ATR, the user account may not be deleted. The account may be deactivated, but your information must remain in the system to ensure the integrity of our records.

ARELLO does not sell or distribute the names or other information of ATR users. This information is kept private and is only accessible to participating regulatory officials.

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