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Timeshare Registry (ATR)

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The ARELLO Timeshare Registry (ATR) is a centralized data repository used by timeshare regulators and developers for submitting, tracking, collaborating on, storing and archiving timeshare documentation.

Who is ARELLO?

The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) is an international organization founded in 1930 that facilitates the exchange of information and cooperation among regulators and policy makers in the area of real property. You can learn more about ARELLO at

Why the ATR?

In a time when many regulatory agencies and developers are being asked to do more faster, and with fewer resources, the ATR provides a powerful solution to streamline regulatory registration processes and reduce costs for compliance.


Safe and Secure

Regulatory agencies and developers can submit, store, organize, and access timeshare registration status and documentation via encrypted transfers.

Backed Up

Data is stored in the ATR by using high industry standards for backup, disaster recovery, and network security.


Our system allows you to organize your setup how it works best for you and your workflow.

Cost Efficient

Reduces the redundant registration procedures and associated costs for regulatory agencies and timeshare developers.


Our highly configureable notification system allows you to choose what you want to receive notifications on.

Tracked Discussions

Engage in tracked discussions that are available historically and searchable.


Export what you want, when you want, in multiple formats to support the needs or your organizations.


We provide online training resources and support so you can focus on what you do best.


Regulatory Agencies



as low as $ 50 / filing

* The ATR is completely funded by timeshare developers. It is free for regulatory agencies. The per-filing rate for developers is dependent on total filing volume.

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ATR Information for Regulators